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 Trust in the Lord with all your heart

And do not lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge Him

And He will make your paths straight.

How It Started

Roman Recordings came about in 1988 when Rick Jr. had a desire for Rick Roman senior to set aside a 4 x 8 space in his new shed that he just built for himself. Rick Roman senior's response was a negative one at first but Jr. convinced him to put a side that little space for the purpose of recording. So Rick Senior went out and purchased a 4 track Fostex Cassette Recorder and a Peavey guitar for his son and Jr. was thrilled he had some place to record his music without paying big bucks. As time went on Rick senior snuck into the tiny studio one day and equipment being adequate enough to satisfy his desire, recorded a guitar track over some keyboard drums and put a lead and bass to it and then put a vocal track over it and when it was done he called it "Let God Arise", tearfully he was blessed. This happened because Rick laid down his music and did not play publically for years. At times the Lord would give him a song out of scripture as a blessing and he would put it in his green folder so he would not forget it. After recording "Let God Arise" Rick stated "I felt blessed, it touched my spirit. A freedom was born in me that day to start recording the other songs the Lord had previously given me." This little 4 by 8 space in the families shed worked out just fine for both and the sounds of guitar could be heard well into the night. Out of this time came two bands "New Society" with Rick Jr. and "Raw Dog" latter called "Christian Raw Dog" with Rick senior. In the 90's they were producing cassette tapes of the two bands and sending them out to the Christian Underground Zines to be reviewed.

The Quest

I Rick Senior found myself having a desire to record all the songs I had from the lord in my green folder. When I started this project after I recorded the song "Let God Arise". We just had a Fostex X-30 Multittracker cassette recorder and a Peavey Guitar and my Acoustic Guitar and a small Yamaha Porta Sound keyboard with 4 built in drum patterns. So I started recording my songs and laying down the tracks and mixing them down on a Panasonic stereo cassette deck 635. My attitude back then was to see if there was anyone out there who would be spoken to or blessed thru the song's the Lord had given me thru the years to encourage my heart. As my son and I progressed in our own projects additions to the equipment came as our knowledge and experimentation grew. I wondered how I was going to pay for this equipment we talked about getting. I remember the Lord whispering in my spirit, buy what you need and the money will be there to pay for it. At the time I was a bus driver and I owned a bicycle shop in my garage. So I went by faith, we did not need any big equipment, we just needed a few thing to improve the sound. So we purchased a Boss drum machine and a Peavey Reverb System and started getting into pedals for the guitar. I have to admit the money was there to pay for the equipment we purchased every month. God was faithful. When I completed my first tape I called it "Let God Arise "it seemed like He truly was arising when it came to music.